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The Village Medical's policies have been set out to allow us to better serve our patients, to enable ease of flow, and to ensure both physician's and patient's valuable times are respected. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. 


The Village Medical physicians and staff are kind, compassionate, approachable, and down-to-earth. We strive to maintain an inviting, warm environment and culture at the clinic on a daily basis. Our aspiration is that our patients, in return, act in a kind, courteous, and respectful manner to all clinic staff.


We do not permit any verbal abuse on the telephone or in person. 

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation. 

"We must all take responsibility for the energy we bring into the space".

Arrival at clinic


Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment start time.

This time allows you to fill out any appropriate forms, have the nurse complete any required vitals (for example blood pressure), and change clothing if necessary.


*** Please bring your Alberta Health Care Card to all visits ***


Please provide our clinic staff an update regarding any changes related to your contact information including address, phone number, email address and emergency contact information. 


We protect your personal health information with great care. If a third party such as family, insurance companies or lawyers require your medical information, you will be asked to provide written authorization for the release of any of your relevant medical records. 


We strongly encourage all patients to book an (in person/virtual) appointment for prescription refills. This allows the physician to ensure that it is appropriate and required for your continued medical care.


If a request is made for a refill on the telephone (without an appointment) this will incur a $10 fee. This fee will need to be paid upfront and does not include narcotics, benzodiazepines or ANY triplicate prescriptions. This refill is simply to bridge you to your next scheduled clinic appointment.

You can alternatively ask the pharmacy to send a prescription renewal request or you can send your doctor a non-urgent message through our secure online Patient Portal.

Please kindly allow ample time and pre-book your appointment in clinic.

Update Personal Info
No Show


We understand that, on occasion, unforeseen circumstances can occur. If, for example, a patient has gone into labor, they will not be charged a no-show fee. However, if a patient does not show up for a scheduled appointment and does not provide at least 24 hours advanced notice, the patient will be charged the full price of the visit. A bill will be sent to the patients address with the expectation that the bill is paid prior to any subsequent appointments. This policy is in place out of respect to the physician's time lost not providing care to another patient. We thank you for your understanding. 

* Our clinic complies with the Alberta Medical Association Uninsured Services, for a full list please see below.

Wait times


Our clinic team always endeavors to keep on schedule. We value your time and patience however we are a medical clinic and medical emergencies do occur that are beyond our control. Your understanding is always appreciated. 



As courtesy to other patients, if you arrive late, your appointment will be shortened to the remainder of the original

scheduled appointment.


If you are more than 10 minutes late, you may be asked to reschedule.

A physician may still choose to accommodate you if they are able, but this is decided on a case-by-case basis. 

Waiting room Etiquette


We welcome all patients to our clinic and want you to feel comfortable while you are waiting to be seen. We kindly request patients to respect others by following some basic waiting room etiquette: 

•  Please be respectful of other peoples space.

•  Please DO NOT leave your children unattended in the waiting area.

•  Please ensure your kids do not climb or jump on the furniture.

•  Please kindly do not block or allow children to play by the entrance.

•  Please refrain from laying across the furniture so that other patients are able to be seated.

•  Please kindly turn off the sound on your electronic devices.

•  Please kindly keep your belongings with you.

Prescription refills
Uninsured services


Please note, our clinic complies with the Alberta Medical Association Uninsured Services Fee Guide. For further details please click here


•  Missed regular appointment: $35 - $55

•  Missed physical appointment: $135

•  Missed IUD, Menopause, Pelvic Floor, Weight Management consult appointments: $175

•  Drivers medical: $140

•  Lost prescription/Requisition: $10-$20

•  Work note/Sick note/Brief medical note: $10-$20

•  Massage Therapy and/or Physiotherapy note: $10-$20

•  Short/Long term disability insurance forms: $50+

•  Vaccination administration: $25

•  Aesthetic mole removal: $100

•  Transfer of medical records/Chart copy: $25 and $0.25 per page*

•  Wart removal (aesthetics purposes - not medically required) by liquid nitrogen or cantharone: $50

•  Wart removal (genital, plantar, actinic keratoses, pre-cancerous lesions) by liquid nitrogen or

cantharone: $10+

•  Disabled parking authorization form: $60

•  Blue Cross special authorization form: $55

•  Telephone prescription renewal request: $55

* Please note that charges can vary.

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